Quick Menu XML

Quick Menu XML is a web menu, it is made to be used as navigation system for your web site. The menu doesn't require macromedia flash program; it only requires the Flash Player that is installed on over 98% of the computers.

Place the swf file in your web page, drag and drop in Dreamweaver or copy / paste from the provided html page the tags needed to display a swf flash file; this is a simple procedure.
The only files you need online are menu.swf and menu.xml. Fla source file will also be included; Edit the XML file with a text editor like notepad form windows;

Change the values between the quotes to change menu color, text, URL to open and other options. You can add/remove XML lines to add or remove buttons in the menu.

auto_scroll = true
scroll_box = false
  auto_scroll = false
scroll_box = false
  auto_scroll = false
scroll_box = true
  auto_scroll = true
scroll_box = false

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In addition to opening web pages menu can also be used to trigger flash specific actions like gotoAndStop, gotoAndPlay, fscommand, loadMovie, getURL, it can also trigger a function which means that the actions it can trigger are unlimited.

Options you have in the xml file:

- buttons text
- button URL to open (or: frame to go, movie to load, etc)
- url target frame (or: movie clip holder when loading movies, etc)
- button width
- button height
- buttons space
- number of visible buttons to show at once (in above samples visible_buttons is set to 6)
- button color
- rollover button color
- borders color
- text color
- rollover text color
- auto_scroll on / off
- sensitive margins (the area size in pixels where the menu reacts and auto scrolling the menu)
- scroll bar on / off
- scroll bat position (distance between scroll bar and the menu)
- color of the drag square (scroll bar)
- menu movement speed

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Price: $25.00