Flat Menu XML

Flat menu is a drop down flash menu with sub menus, the menu can be configured by editing a configuration file (menu.xml) with a text editor. You can change buttons colors, button text, links, target frame, etc.

Most users only need the menu to open the site links but for advanced users this menu can also trigger other actions in addition to opening html pages, the menu can also call functions inside flash file, do loadMovie, go to another frame, trigger FScommands and more.

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Menu preview 1, with bevel activated, menu_width = "511"

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This drop down flash menu has something different than what we did before; this menu resizes it's own div in html code so that it doesn't overlap other html items like html links, normally if the menu is only made transparent and you can see the content behind it you cannot click html links in some browsers like Mozilla, but this menu resizes its own div when menus are collapsed so that it only uses around 22px of vertical space without affecting the html content under it (like this text).

Menu preview 2, without bevel, menu_width = "590" showing blank bar on right side

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As you can see the second menu has a more "flat" look and it doesn't have 1px bevel on main buttons like the first menu, you can change this by show_bevel = "true" or "false".

This menu can also be used without flash program, it is a standalone file that can be configured with a text editor, you will get the exact html code to place the swf file in your html page, then edit the configuration file to change colors, links, menu speed, etc. These options look like this: menu_width="760" main_button_height="22" main_text_color="FF9900".

Source file is included in case you want to do advanced modifications, source file is compatible with Flash MX 2004 and later.

Sample xml file form menu configuration:

<menu text="Services" what="http://www.adriantnt.com" where="_parent" type="geturl">

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Some more advanced options for this drop down menu:

You might not understand all these commands but if you do not know what they do just leave them as they are by default.
By default the menu is set to open html links.

type action type when a button is clicked. Default is set to "getURL", meaning the button will open a link, other values can be loadMovie, function, gotoAndStop, gotoAndPlay, FScommand.
what this parameter shows what URL to open, what frame to go to, what movie to load or what FS command to trigger, depending on the action type set above
where this parameter is the target frame of the url to open or the clip where to load a movie or where to play frames, depending on the action type.
menu_width width of the menu bar
main_text_color text color of main button
main_rollover_text_color text color of main button when mouse is on button
sub_text_color text color for sub menus
sub_rollover_text_color text color of sub button when mouse is on button
this is drop down menu speed, how many pixels to move at once
how many milliseconds to wait before closing the sub menu after mouse is no longer on button
left-right space of main button text


left-right space of sub button text


height of main button, in pixels
sub_button_height height of sub buttons, in pixels
main_button_color color of main button, enter it without #, for example: "FFCC00" is yellow
main_button_border_color color of main button border, when bevel is enabled this border is no longer visible and the bevel colors will be visible
sub_button_color color of sub button
sub_button_border_color borders around sub buttons
main_rollover_gradient_a a gradient is made of two colors, a and b are the start and the end colors of button when mouse is over the button. If you want a flat rollover color then make a and b the same.
show_bevel if set to "true" then a 1px bevel will be visible on main buttons, like on the first menu above.
bevel_light_color the color of the top and left area of the bevel, light area.
bevel_dark_color the bevel color on right and bottom side of the menu
change_div_height this can be "true" or "false", when set to true flash will send a command by javascript in order to resize the menu div in HTML code so that menu si no longer overlapped with the html items under it.


the html id of the div to be resized, in the code you receive this is set to "flat_menu", the name of the div in html code.

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