Flash Buttons 2005

Flash buttons library with sound and effects.
This library is compatible with Macromedia Flash MX, MX 2004 and MX 2004 PRO, Flash 8, Flash 8 PRO and all newer versions.

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Price: $19.00

Rollover and click the buttons to see animations and effects.

This content requires macromedia flash player

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Price: $19.00

How to install the buttons :
The buttons library comes in mxp file format, it can be installed with macromedia extension manager, the extension manager is free
for download and it usually comes with flash. After you received your files just double click on it and follow the instructions on screen,
you will be able to locate the buttons in your macromedia flash interface here:

Flash MX: Window > Library > Flash Buttons 2005
Flash MX 2004: Window > Other Panels> Common Libraries > Flash Buttons 2005

Now you can just drag and drop the buttons in your flash stage.